Digital illustrator // fan artist

Hi! I'm a Spanish digital artist who loves to draw girls and cute characters.Commissions are currently open!

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commissions are open!

custom commissions

BUST UP29,8€ / 32$
HALF BODY40,2€ / 44$
FULL BODY55,9€ / 60$

I will draw: Real people, couples, OCs / FCs, fanart
I will not draw: Complex scenery, mecha, furry, gore, NSFW, old people
Includes a free transparent or solid background (plain or with decorative elements: sparkles, hearts, etc.)

• Additional character
·Half body (+32,2€ / 35,2$, max. 2)
·Full body (+43,6€ / 48$, max. 2)
• Additional props or pets / detailed outfits or accesories
(+4,5€~13,7€ / 5$~15$ each. Price depends on complexity)

animal crossing commissions

• Flat color: 18,3€ / 20$
• Full color: 25,6€ / 28$

Bust-up digital drawing of your Animal Crossing villager, favorite animal villager, your OC, your pet or you / your partner / friend. Includes a free bicolor solid background and with decorative elements if desired (sparkles, hearts, etc.)ADD ONS
• Your favorite animal villager on your side
(+8,7€~13,7€ / 9,5$~15$, max. 1 villager)
• Additional props / small animal or bug added / detailed outfits or accesories
(+4,6€~13,7€ / 5$~15$, depends on complexity)


Digital scenery of your Animal Crossing villager, favorite animal villager, your OC, your pet or you / your partner / friend.*Base price includes: 1 full body character + solid background (with decorative bg elements if desired) + island platform + 1 decorative item

I can add multiple of the same item or recolor them for free
(For example: add 4 roses - 2 black and 2 red)
Island platform can be grassy, snowy, sandy, etc. You can tell me your favorite season if you want to and I'll adapt the platform or any item that changes with seasons depending on it.

• Additional characters
(+31€ / 34$ each, max. 4 villagers)
• Tools / items held by the characters or
small animals / bugs
(+4,6€~13,7€ / 5$~15$ each. Price depends on complexity)
• Additional decorative items (flowers, furniture, trees...)
(+4,6€~18,3€ / +5$~20$ each. Price depends on complexity)
• Sky themed background
(+4,6€ / 5$)

Contact me for any inquiries!

If you can't commission me you
can leave a tip on my kofi!

terms and conditions

1. My commissions are for PERSONAL USE only. This means that:✔️ You are ALLOWED to:
• Post it online, but must credit me properly as @dannariart
• Print it for your own use or as a gift for someone.
You are NOT ALLOWED to:
Reproduce the artwork for merchandise such as prints, t-shirts, etc., or resell the digital image to third parties.
Mint/sell the commissioned piece for Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) or cryptocurrency purposes.
Major alter/edits or take full credit of the commissioned piece.
2. I have the right to decline a commission if I think I wouldn't be comfortable working on it.3. I'll do the commissions based on my art style.4. I have rights over my artworks so I can include them in my portfolio, online profiles/pages and commission sheets unless you want to keep your commission private (let me know!).5. I allow up to 2 revisions during process If you want to request more I'd need to charge extra fees.6. It may take 3-10 days to complete a commission, unless I'm working on several commissions at once, then it'll take longer.

payment (paypal only)

1. Payment is non-refundable and must be done UPFRONT through a PayPal invoice in EUROS or USD. You have the option to pay full upfront or 50% upfront before starting with the commission and 50% before sending the final output via email. Tips would be highly appreciated too!2. Sending the payment automatically means that you agree with the T.O.S, so don't forget to read it before purchasing.

commission process

1. DM me in any of my socials or email me. Tell me what type of commission you want.2. Give me more info about what you want drawn (character pose/expression, background color, props/decorative items desired, etc.) and provide all necessary photo references of the characters, clothing and/or props. If you aren't completely sure about it I'm open to try to help with suggestions or take full creative liberty if desired.3. A custom price will be given depending on your requirements and if you agree with it, you must procced to tell me your PayPal email so I can send you the invoice.4. After the payment is sent, I will start sketching out your piece. When finished, the colored sketch will be sent for you to approve or request for mayor or minor revisions if needed. When approved I'll start with the final piece.5. After the final output is done, I'll send it to you with low resolution and watermarked (in case you payed 50% upfront). You can only request minor changes at this stage. When approved, the remaining half of the payment must be sent.6. Once the full payment is received, the final high quality piece will be sent via email.

Contact me for any inquiries!

If you can't commission me you
can leave a tip on my kofi!